Greek LIFE Task Force - LIFE Capacity Building

The project

The Project GR-LTF falls within the LIFE Capacity Building Program and will run from 01/01/2016 to 30/04/2019. Coordinating beneficiary of the project is the Green Fund and associate beneficiary the Ministry of Environment and Energy. The project will be coordinated by George Protopapas, who is the National Contact Point for the LIFE Programme.

The aim of the project is to strengthen the National Contact Points for the LIFE Programme, for the effective participation of Greece in LIFE projects, in order to promote environmental and climate policy through integrated projects. In order to meet the Project’s needs, a LIFE Task Force of 5 dedicated officers has been established:

  • Nature/Biodiversity Officer
  • Environmental Officer
  • Climate Change Officer
  • Data Management/GIS Officer
  • Environmental Communication Officer

LIFE Task Force will provide relevant know how, assistance and consultation to potential LIFE stakeholders and beneficiaries, at the national, regional and local level, enhancing collaboration among authorities and stakeholders, organizing meetings and workshops at the national and regional level, providing technical assistance for integrated projects, promoting the cooperation in international project proposals and the involvement of the private sector in co-financing of projects.

Moreover, LIFE Task Force will provide assistance to public services, municipalities and the competent authorities, for the coordination and financial management of LIFE projects, in order to enhance their capacity and effectiveness in project implementation.

It is the first time that a department, adequately staffed, will deal with LIFE Programme issues in Greece.