Greek LIFE Task Force - LIFE Capacity Building

C1: Project web site

A bilingual web site (Greek and English) will include a complete presentation of project’s aims and actions, general information on LIFE Programme and ongoing Greek projects, scientific and technical progress of the Capacity Building project and results, expected benefits and relevance to key stakeholder groups as well as to general public. Additionally, the web site will support the internet platform used for the consultancy of potential applicants and beneficiaries and the database for biodiversity and conservation information of the Greek LIFE projects.

C2: Public awareness campaign through the mass media

A public awareness campaign consisting of special meetings and events will be organized to promote the strengthening of the GR LIFE Contact Point. The campaign will involve press releases, open presentations and media events targeting at key stakeholder groups including public authorities, NGOs, the scientific community, enterprises, local communities and stakeholders. Moreover, public meetings will be held by the LIFE Task Force at the Green Fund premises, to promote synergies among authorities, organizations and enterprises in national level.

C3: Production of information leaflets and training brochures, publications

 material will be produced to communicate the project objectives, actions and results, the biodiversity and conservation issues in relation with LIFE programme. The communication material will include leaflet, brochures, special mobile posters/banners, special publications and video clip presentations.